Chromalox Introduces New Fully Integrated Wireless Temperature Sensing for Heat Trace Applications

Improved process safety and measured installation cost savings while maintaining system integrity.

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA – July 27, 2016 – Chromalox, a leader in advanced thermal technologies, today announced the availability of Wireless Temperature Sensing for Heat Trace applications in both ordinary and hazardous areas. This new capability provides enhanced application flexibility, improved process safety and measured installation cost savings while maintaining system integrity.

Wireless can be an ideal temperature sensing solution for both new and expanding heat trace systems. The portability of wireless transmitters permits temperature profile optimization throughout plant piping systems. Process safety and integrity may be significantly improved by adding redundant wireless temperature sensors to the heater circuits. Installation costs such as wire, conduit and associated labor for typical hard wired sensing solutions are significantly reduced when wireless components are employed.

The Chromalox Wireless Temperature Sensing system includes the IntelliTrace® ITAS or ITLS Series Heat Trace Control Panel and specific industrial wireless transmitters, which are paired with appropriate temperature sensors.  The IntelliTrace system is the only fully integrated Wireless Temperature Sensing Heat Trace system available. The panel seamlessly facilitates both wired and wireless temperature sensor inputs and the touchscreen computer HMI distinguishes wireless circuits from wired ones.

The IntelliTrace® Wireless system utilizes the Rosemount® 248 Wireless Temperature Transmitter, which is an industry standard in the industrial wireless community. This transmitter is WirelessHARTTM certified and it may be pipe or structure mounted. The 248 transmitter is offered with either aluminum or polymer housing and is available with or without a matching universal mounting bracket.

Scott Treser, Global Director of Control & Panel Development at Chromalox states, “Wireless temperature sensing of heat trace circuits addresses critical customer pain points such as cost, safety and flexibility.” Treser adds, “Our seamlessly integrated IntelliTrace solution ensures comprehensive system integrity that other systems simply cannot provide.”

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