Electrically Heated Compressed Air Tests Jet Engine Parts

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The Challenge
In an aerospace testing lab, air was to be heated to simulate temperatures from jet engines for the purpose of testing aircraft turbine units. The heated air must be clean, dry and free of gas or exhaust. The heat source had to be portable for use at several lab locations and also to permit storage in a non-critical area when not in use.

The Solution
A portable compressed air heating unit comprised of three Chromalox Type GCH Steam and Air Preheaters was specified by Chromalox application engineers. These heaters are pipe connected in "series", with air passing successively through all three units.  Controls consist of SCR control panels with over temperature controllers to prevent accidental overheating.  Each of the three heaters is rated SO kW, 480 volts, 3-phase.  With this complete system, air temperature is maintained at 420° F. Air flow is 44 lbs. per minute.


  • It is completely safe - there is no exhaust gas danger.
  • Its installed cost was low compared with the alternatives.
  • It's entirely clean and dry.
  • All heat is concentrated internally, adds no discomfort factor for lab personnel.
  • Heat-up is fast and standard process temperature controllers maintain temperatures accurately.