Radiant Heaters Dry Off Water from Soluble Oil, Permits Immediate Packaging of Steel Parts

chromalox rad 1800 w

The Challenge
A protective, water-soluble oil is applied to the screws in a dip tank, then parts are conveyed through a furnace designed to dry off the water. A hot "barrage" of heat was wanted at the oven exit to assure complete water dry-off so that screws can be immediately transferred into storage trays.

The Solution
Six Chromalox electric radiant heaters - Type 4183, 240 volts, 1.8 kW each were suspended over a short length of conveyor at the oven exit. Heaters are energized whenever furnace is in operation and, as a rule, operate at full capacity. However, output is adjustable.


  • It was simple to install. Heaters were suspended by chains from a simple pipe structure.
  • Parts heat-up is instantaneous.
  • Maintenance over long periods of time is negligible.
  • Input can be varied when considered desirable.
  • There is no glare as the Chromalox Far-Infrared heat source is a metal-sheathed element which gives off an inconspicuous but highly effective range-red glow.