Mexico Facility

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Facility Overview

This 120,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  A majority of the space is dedicated to the efficient production of high volume component orders for our Original Equipment Manufacturer customers.

Products Manufactured

  • Tubular Heaters
  • Cartridge Heaters
  • Comfort Heaters
  • Mica Band
  • Ceramic Band
  • Mighty Tuff
  • Aluminum Finned Heaters
  • Immersion Heaters
  • Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Electrical Testing Capabilities

  • Dielectric Resistance 0-10,000 H C 500 VPC
  • System Power Testing and Monitoring up to 600V, 100Amps, 3 Phase
  • Hi Pot Testing 0-5,000 VAC and Dielectric
  • Hot Megohm Testing

Physical Testing Capabilities

  • Hardness Testing
  • Pull Testing
  • Ceramic Break Load Testing


  • ISO 9001 - Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
  • ATEX (European Standard for Explosive Atmospheres) - CVEP, CXH Blower Heaters
  • ASME (Pressure Vessels) - 'U', 'S', 'E', 'M' Stamps
  • National Board
  • CRN (Canadian Registration Number)