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Circulation Heaters Remove Moisture From Bottles Before Filling

Circulation Heaters Remove Moisture From Bottles Before Filling

The Challenge
Bottles are used for packaging BROMO-SELTZER, a headache remedy which requires absolute absence of moisture. When the factory-sterilized bottles are brought from storage in sealed cartons, they are sometimes cool and moist. The problem was to removeall the moisture and slightly pre-heat the bottles. It was also desirable to put the whole drying process on a production line basis and this was accomplished with the two applications of electric heat shown on this sheet and on PG 520. Four batch-type ovens involving rather cumbersome and superfluous handling were replaced.

The Solution
Removal of the moisture from the bottles is done by forcing compressed air at 200° F., 65 lb. per square inch into them as shown in. The air is heated by four Chromalox GCH  Circulation Heaters shown above. They are controlled by Chromalox change in temperature and SCR power controllers. Moisture is removed from the air by a Kemp unit and silica gel before it reaches the heaters.


  • Consistently, absolutely dry container and product. 
  • Elimination of cumbersome, excess handling connected with former batch-type heating system.
  • Faster drying. Entire operation now done in one minute compared with eleven minutes before.
  • Quicker heat-up time.
  • No overheating.