Maintaining Processing Temperatures in Micarta Strips Until Reaching Press

chromalox rad 1800 w

The Challenge
Maintaining a temperature of 250° F on Micarta strips after after removal from a pre-heating oven. The temperature of the strips must be maintained and until they are ready for the punch press operation.

The Solution
For satisfactory punching, the Micarta strips must be at 250° F. The strips are first preheated in an oven, then the stack is placed on the bench of the punch press. A Chromalox RAD heater is suspended over the stack to maintain the processing temperature.

Processing temperature is satisfactorily maintained and no time is lost due to decrease in temperature.


  • An economical solution to the problem, both from original cost and operating standpoints.
  • Very little space required.
  • No discomfort for operator as heat is applied only to material.