Non-Indicating Thermal Cutout

Non-Indicating Thermal Cutout
  • Single Pole

When properly applied, the ARC protects against damage due to product or heater overheating by opening a circuit when a preset temperature is reached.

  • Manual reset button provides for manual restoration of process circuit when overheat condition is corrected.
  • Neon pilot light glows when cutout is reclosed. Pilot light and knob cover are furnished.
  • Sensing bulb should be placed at most critical point in system with control set from 25 to 35°F above working temperature.
  • Compression fittings and protective wells are available.
  • Not a fail-safe device.

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Part # Description List Price  
278213 ARC-215 60 -250 F 358.00 USD Buy Now
278221 ARC-219 60 -250 F Request a Quote
278230 ARC-515 200 - 550 F 358.00 USD Buy Now
278256 ARC-519 200 - 550 F 358.00 USD Buy Now
299612 ARC-715 7ft 300-700F 358.00 USD Buy Now
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