Round Cross-Section Single-End Terminal - STRI-475


Round Cross-Section Single-End Terminal - STRI-475

  • 1600°F Max. Sheath Temp.

Single Ended Tubular Heating Elements are of similar construction as our standard tubular elements. They terminate at one end which can simplify wiring and installation. These are most commonly used in molds and other heat transferring metal parts as well as open air applications and immersion applications.

Construction — Similar to the standard Chromalox tubular heater design, except that both terminals of the embedded resistor wire are at one end of the element. 10" lead wires have silicone-impregnated Fiberglas® sleeves and are attached to the terminals inside a ceramic terminal bushing.

Sealed End for Immersion Heating on end opposite terminals is provided on all stock, single-end elements. When ordering nonstock elements for use as immersion heaters, specify “sealed end”.

Work Temperatures — See Tubular Heater Overview section.

Bending — Generally not recommended for single-end elements.

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149892 STRI-1245 120V 325 W 98.00 USD Buy Now
149905 STRI-1645 120V 500 W 115.00 USD Buy Now
149913 STRI-1645 240V 500 W 100.00 USD Buy Now
149921 STRI-2045 120V 675W Request a Quote
149930 STRI-2045 240V 675 W 105.00 USD Buy Now
149948 STRI-2445 120V 850 W 145.00 USD Buy Now
149956 STRI-2445 240V 850 W 110.00 USD Buy Now
149964 STRI-2845 120V 1025W 160.00 USD Buy Now
149972 STRI-2845 240V 1025W 115.00 USD Buy Now
149980 STRI-3245 120V 1225W Request a Quote
149999 STRI-3245 240V 1225W 120.00 USD Buy Now
170018 STRI-3645 120V 1400W Request a Quote
170026 STRI-3645 240V 1400W 125.00 USD Buy Now
170034 STRI-4045 120V 1575W 205.00 USD Buy Now
170042 STRI-4045 240V 1575W 130.00 USD Buy Now
170050 STRI-4445 120V 1750W 220.00 USD Buy Now
170069 STRI-4445 240V 1750W 135.00 USD Buy Now
170077 STRI-4845 120V 1575W Request a Quote
170085 STRI-4845 240V 1925W 140.00 USD Buy Now
170093 STRI-5245 120V 1450W Request a Quote
170106 STRI-5245,240V,2100W,30WP 175.00 USD Buy Now
170114 STRI-5645 120V 1325W 265.00 USD Buy Now
170122 STRI-5645 240V 2275W 180.00 USD Buy Now
170130 STRI-6045 120V 1225W 285.00 USD Buy Now
170149 STRI-6045 240V 2475W 185.00 USD Buy Now
170157 STRI-7245 120V 1000W 245.00 USD Buy Now
170165 STRI-7245 240V 3000W 245.00 USD Buy Now
170173 STRI-8445 120V 850 W 375.00 USD Buy Now
170181 STRI-8445 240V 3400W 270.00 USD Buy Now
170190 STRI-9645 120V 750 W 420.00 USD Buy Now
170202 STRI-9645 240V 3000W 300.00 USD Buy Now
170210 STRI-10845 120V 650W Request a Quote
170229 STRI-10845 240V 2600W 325.00 USD Buy Now
170237 STRI-12045 120V 575W Request a Quote
170245 STRI-12045 240V 2300W 350.00 USD Buy Now
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