Splice and Tee Kits for Hazardous Locations

HL-T Tee Kit for Hazardous Locations
Splice and Tee Kits for Hazardous Locations
  • Use With: HSRL and HSRM
  • Third-party certifications: CSA, FM

The Models HL-S and HL-T Hazardous Location Kits are a Division 1 certified junction box and seal fittings. These kits are designed for the splicing of two or three selfregulating cables in Division 1 areas. The cable entry fitting and seal fitting combination provides a waterresistant and explosion proof seal. Pipe straps (not included) are used to provide a means to attach this model to the pipe.

  • Internally threaded junction box body with externally threaded cover allowing for more room when wiring
  • Cable entry fittings provide water tight seal
  • Simple sealing compound kit
  • The splice kit provides entry for two cables
  • The tee kit provides entry for three cables

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