Satellite Contactor

Satellite Contactor
  • Modular Power Control of Automatic Snow Melting Systems
  • No System Size Limit
  • Staged Heater Operation for High Power Quality
  • Energy Management Computer (EMC) Interface
  • Accommodates MI, Constant Wattage and Self‑Regulating Heaters
  • Advanced Ground Fault Protection
  • Heater Hold-On and Test Capabilities
  • C-UL-US
  • Simple To Install And Operate
  • Low System Costs
  • Minimum Energy Costs

The patented SC-40C Satellite Contactor is a power control peripheral for a APS-4C Snow Switch and similar Environmental Technol-ogy, Inc. products. The APS-4C Snow Switch operates the SC-40Cs whenever its contactor operates. That is, during snow and for the hold-on time thereafter.

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Part # Description  
389870 SC-40C 277V, 1 Phase Satellite Buy Now
389888 SC-40C 208V, 3 Phase Satellite Buy Now
389896 SC-40C 277/480V 3 Phase Satellite Buy Now
399533 SC-40C 600V 3 Phase Satellite Buy Now
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