Automatic Snow/Ice Melting System Controller - APS-4C

Automatic Snow/Ice Melting System Controller - APS-4C
  • Automatic Snow/Ice Melting Control
  • Satellite Contactor Interface for Larger Systems
  • Energy Management Computer (EMC) Interface
  • Accommodates MI, Constant Wattage, and Self-Regulating Heaters
  • Multiple Sensor Capability
  • Advanced Patented Ground Fault Protection
  • Heater Hold-On and Test Capabilities
  • C-UL-US Listed
  • Simple to Install and Operate
  • Low System Costs
  • Minimum Energy Costs

The patented APS-4C provides effective, economical automatic control of snow melting systems including those for gutter and down spouts. The ability to use multiple sensors ensures optimum control of large systems. Supply voltage options include 277 volt single-phase, 208-240 volts 3 phase, or 277/480 volt 3 phase, with a contactor rating of 50 amps per pole. The integral ground fault circuit interrupter with a test/reset facility ensures safety along with NEC and local code compliance. The APS-4C operates up to ten SC-40C Satellite Contactors for larger loads.

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389845 APS-4C 277V-1 Phase Automatic Buy Now
389853 APS-4C 208-240V-3 Phase Automatic Buy Now
389861 APS-4C 277/480V-3Phase Automatic Buy Now
399525 APS-4C 600V-3Phase Automatic Buy Now
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