The VersaTherm™ Heater Clean Water and Oil Applications - Process Heaters


The VersaTherm™ Heater Clean Water and Oil Applications - Process Heaters

  • Intergral Thermocouple

Chromalox versaTHERM circulation heaters can boost water or oil temperature anywhere in a distribution system or application.

The unique versatility of this design allows field adjustment of the rating by simple connections to the six elements of the heater. This simplifies selection and spare parts since each heater may be used in several different heating applications.

See the application matrix for the many kW values available with different wiring styles and voltages.

Field Adjustable Ratings — Each standard heater may be wired to different voltages and kWs. See chart on following page for application matrix.

Inlet Connections — Standard side inlet can be changed to end connection for ease of piping.

Terminal Enclosures — E1 General Purpose is standard. Housing can be rotated 360° to match conduit connections.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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Part # Description  
100108 NWHOSR-06-04P5-E1,120V MA Request a Quote
100116 NWHOSR-06-04P5-E1,480V MA Request a Quote
100124 NWHOSR-06-005P-E1,240V MA Request a Quote
100132 NWHOSR-06-006P-E1,240V MA Request a Quote
100140 NWHOSR-06-006P-E1,480V MA Request a Quote
100159 Request a Quote
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