Chemical Processing

Chemical processing industry

The chemical processing industry is continuously evolving in the manufacture of basic chemicals, while for the past 10 years the chemical processing market has been one of the fastest growing markets internationally. Together the result has been an unending need for improvements in quality, efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Chromalox understands. With new advanced chemical processing technology development comes the need for thermal technologies required to support it. Chromalox will assist you in identifying and implementing the best advanced thermal technology solutions to help you achieve improved productivity, optimize the performance and life of critical equipment, increase process uptime, help reduce costs and waste, improve safety, and support cost-effective regulatory compliance.

Chromalox is ready. Whether it is a refurbish or new construction, from start to finish, our design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and service and support team will be with you every step of the way to ensure speedy completion and continued successful results.

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Fire Water Storage

Large-tank heaters with replaceable elements ensure operational readiness for freeze protection applications.

Pump House

Fan-forced and convection air heaters ensure that temperatures stay above freezing in the pump houses. ATEX/IECEx/CSA certified for hazardous areas.

Temperature Maintenance

Thermocouple and RTD sensors, electronic PID DIN temperature control units, and SCR power switching panels minimize temperature swings to increase the life of the heaters and tighter control.

Wastewater Tanks

Large-tank immersion heaters provide freeze protection on chemical wastewater storage tanks. Heating elements can be removed without draining the tank.

Product Transfer Lines

Electric heat trace and control systems provide pipe temperature maintenance for temperature-sensitive materials. Chromalox offers self-regulating cable and control systems for general-purpose and hazardous locations. Mineral-insulated cable is available for pipe temperatures up to 1,100°F (595°C).

Distillation Column Heating

Heat transfer systems and packaged electric steam boilers can be used to indirectly heat distillation columns. Hot oil systems can achieve high temperature at very low pressure. For direct heating, corrosion-resistant immersion heaters are used.

Evaporator Heating

Heat transfer systems and boilers supply heated thermal fluid or steam for heating jackets that maintain process-specific temperatures on the inner wall of evaporators.


Electrostatic Precipitator Purge Heating

Duct and circulation heaters warm air to heat the walls of the precipitator to keep particulate from accumulating on the ESP walls.

Chemical Feed Tanks

Immersion heaters with low watt densities preheat chemical additives.

Caustic and Cleaning Solution Tanks

Storage tanks containing chemical cleaning agents are heated with large-tank immersion heaters and circulation heaters.

Process Heat Exchanger

Heat transfer systems and packaged boilers provide the heat source for process heat exchangers.

Boiler Feedwater Preheating

Immersion heaters and circulation heaters preheat incoming water supply to reduce cycling of boilers, increasing efficiency.

Eye Wash and Safety Shower Heating

Circulation and immersion heaters heat and maintain the temperature of heated water loops for eye wash and safety shower stations throughout the plant.

Reactor Temperature Control

Thermal fluid heat transfer systems provide heating and cooling for various reactions that require tight temperature control.

Service and Maintenance

Annual on-site service visits ensure optimal operating conditions and help predict needed maintenance.