Other Industries We Serve

Other industries that Chromalox supports and serves.

Wherever there's a need for heat and temperature control, Chromalox has experience.

With the broadest product line in the industry, Chromalox provides more heat and control systems for process heating applications than anyone in the world. We provide solutions for industries as diverse as transportation, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and the military.




Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels Processing

As the drive to employ cleaner-burning sources of energy gains momentum, Chromalox is partnering with energy suppliers to provide solutions that protect our environment.

  Mining and Metals

Mining & Metals

Ore processing facilities require temperature maintenance and control of caustic or corrosive liquids, as well as air supply and comfort heating for workers. Chromalox products are manufactured to last in corrosive areas often found in the mining and metals industries.






Military and Defense

The military relies on Chromalox to provide custom heaters and controls for process critical heating applications. These products must be guaranteed to stay operational during active war, and in the most dangerous, rugged situations. We supply circulation and immersion heaters for fuel oil heating and lube oil heating; as well as duct heaters and convection heaters for temperature control of air supply.


  Bio Pharmaceutical


Capital investment can represent as much as 40 percent of a new bio-pharmaceutical facility. Chromalox can help to optimize your ancillary equipment costs with a thorough evaluation of current processes and provide recommendations for cost-saving temperature management solutions.


  Rubber and Plastics

Rubber and Plastics

Chromalox provides a comprehensive offering of both custom manufactured heaters, as well as stock heaters, controls and thermocouples for immediate delivery. We specialize in designing the largest suite of band heaters in the industry. This enables plastics processors and OEM machine builders alike to apply the best available heater design solution for injection molding machines, extruders, blow molders or blown film dies.




Marine Applications

Commercial Marine

Above deck and below, ruggedly built Chromalox heaters and heater controls can withstand the corrosive effects of a saltwater environment in a variety of applications. Count on Chromalox heaters to reduce humidity, pre-heat generators and keep workers comfortable during the long voyage.


  Refrigeration and Defrost

Refrigeration and Defrost

Refrigeration and defrost applications are typically demanding environments. Chromalox specializes in custom designed tubular elements with rubber molded end-seals to guard against moisture ingress on large entry-way doors, silicone rubber heaters that are used on compressor assemblies and heat trace cable assemblies commonly used in drain pan applications.