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ChromaTrace 4.0 ChromaTrace


VERSION: 4.0.25

Chromalox 4.0.25 Release Notes (PDF)

ChromaTrace is a Windows based heat tracing system design software. The revised straight forward interface allows the user to generate a bill of material, heat loss calculations and electrical loads quickly and accurately. ChromaTrace performs the calculations and picks the appropriate Chromalox heat trace model, connection kits and temperature controls to satisfy the users' unique applications.

ChromaTrace 4.0 Features and Capabilities:

  • Visual tree structure for piping system layout and interconnection.
  • Quick summary screen detailing number of lines, total pipe lengths and total operating load.
  • Improved interface for access to calculated results and bills of material.
  • Enhanced data handling via Microsoft Excel import and export functions.
  • All calculations in compliance with the latest version of IEEE515.
  • Enhanced reporting package with detailed export to Microsoft Excel and Word, or Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
  • Line current and operating load tracking per circuit.
  • One click sends your project design and bill material information to Chromalox for review and quotation request.

Please note that ChromaTrace 4.0 is not an automatic update from ChromaTrace 3.0. Users will need to download and install ChromaTrace 4.0 as a separate executable program. Chromalox encourages the use of ChromaTrace 4.0 to access the latest features and current product catalogs. ChromaTrace 4.0 can be downloaded at the link below.

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ISC - IntelliTRACE Supervisory Control SoftwareDownload ISC 2018

The ISC - intelliTRACE Supervisory Control is designed to monitor and manage multiple Chromalox intelliTRACE Control Panels. Each “Panel” must be either a Chromalox IntelliTRACE Base Panel or a Base Panel with a single Extension Panel. This includes the ITAS, ITLS, ITASC1D2 and ITLSC1D2 heat trace control panel models.

ISC provides efficient and secure remote monitoring and parameter value management of hundreds to thousands of individual heat trace circuits.

Download ISC Software

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Chromasoft SpecView is a Windows-based software package that enables data logging of Chromalox controllers with digital communications. Setup is quick and easy, and long-term technical support is standard. SpecView allows an operator to view, monitor, and change any controller parameter directly from the computer.

Download Chromasoft Software
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C-PWR Configuration SoftwareChromalox C-PWR Software Download

C-PWR Software ImagesFor the Advanced SCR Power Controllers.

Version: 1.1.0

The C-PWR Configuration Software permits efficient programming of the following Chromalox SCR power controllers: CTF, CTF-Xtra, C4, C4-IR, CFW, and CFW-Xtra. It will facilitate the cloning of multiple controllers and fast parameter file uploads and downloads to and from the controller and PC.

Parameter value settings may be entered via the master table or through the Setup Wizard which methodically walks you through the main screens. Use the C-PWR Configuration Software Manual for program installation and connection details. To program your specific SCR controller, use the appropriate controller programming manual.

Download C-PWR Configuration Program Setup (.exe)

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1040 Workshop Configurator SoftwareChromalox 1040 Software Download

For the 1040 Multiloop Controller.

Version: 1.0.6

The 1040 Workshop Configurator is an extremely intuitive programming tool which facilitates the cloning of multiple controllers and fast parameter file uploads and downloads to and from the controller and PC. From the main menu, communications and loop modules can be assigned in seconds, with parameters logically arranged for efficient setting confirmation or change.

Download 1040 Configuration Program Setup (zip)