Horizontal or Vertical Discharge Fan Forced Unit Heater

Horizontal or Vertical Discharge Fan Forced Unit Heater
  • 2.6 - 50 kW
  • 8,900 – 170,600 Btuh
  • 208, 240, 277, 480, and 600 volt
  • 1 or 3 phase
  • Vertical or Horizontal Airflow
  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted Configurations
  • CSA Certified to US and Canadian Standards
  • CE Certified to European Standards
  • HVH Accessories

  • Shipping and Receiving Areas
  • Pump Houses
  • Power Generating Stations
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Garages

  • Integral 24V Control Transformer is standard on 480V models and eliminates the need for an external control source( 120V is optional).
  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Contactors are standard on all models except 2.6 thru 5 kW single phase models, except for 480V models.

For more features refer to catalog page PDF to the right.

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Part# Description  
219096 HVH-02-81-00, 2.6KW,208V, Buy Now
219109 HVH-02-21-00, 2.6KW,240/2 Buy Now
219117 HVH-02-71-00, 2.6KW,277V, Buy Now
219125 HVH-04-81-00 Buy Now
219133 HVH-04-83-34, 4.0KW,208V, Buy Now
219141 HVH-04-21-00, 4.0KW,240/2 Buy Now
219150 HVH-04-23-34, 4.0KW,240/2 Buy Now
219168 HVH-04-71-004.0KW277V1PH Buy Now
219176 HVH-04-43-30, 4.0KW,480V, Buy Now
219184 HVH-05-81-00, 5.0KW,208V, Buy Now
219192 HVH-05-83-34, 5.0KW,208V, Buy Now
219205 HVH-05-21-00, 5.0KW,240/2 Buy Now
219213 HVH-05-23-34, 5.0KW,240/2 Buy Now
219221 HVH-05-71-00, 5.0KW,277V, Buy Now
219230 HVH-05-43-30, 5.0KW,480V, Buy Now
219248 HVH-07-81-34, 7.5KW,208V, Buy Now
219256 HVH-07-83-34, 7.5KW,208V, Buy Now
219264 HVH-07-21-34, 7.5KW,240/2 Buy Now
219272 HVH-07-23-34, 7.5KW,240/2 Buy Now
219280 HVH-07-71-30, 7.5KW,277V, Request a Quote
219299 HVH-07-43-30, 7.5KW,480V, Buy Now
219301 HVH-10-81-34, 10KW,208V,1 Buy Now
219310 HVH-10-83-34, 10KW,208V,3 Buy Now
219328 HVH-10-21-34, 10KW,240/20 Buy Now
219336 HVH-10-23-34, 10KW,240/20 Buy Now
219344 HVH-10-43-30, 10KW,480V,3 Buy Now
219352 HVH-12-83-34, 12.5KW,208V Buy Now
219360 HVH-12-23-34, 12.5KW,240/ Buy Now
219379 HVH-12-43-30, 12.5KW,480V Buy Now
219387 HVH-15-83-34, 15KW,208V,3 Buy Now
219395 HVH-15-23-34, 15KW,240/20 Buy Now
219408 HVH-15-43-30, 15KW,480V,3 Buy Now
219563 HVH-20-23-30 ,20KW,240/20 Buy Now
219571 HVH-20-43-30 ,20KW,480V,3 Buy Now
219580 HVH-20-63-30 ,20KW,600V,3 Buy Now
219598 HVH-25-23-30 -R,25KW,240/ Buy Now
219600 HVH-25-43-30 -R,25KW,480V Buy Now
219619 HVH-25-63-30 -R,25KW,600V Buy Now
219627 HVH-30-23-30 -R,30KW,240/ Buy Now
219635 HVH-30-43-30 -R,30KW,480V Buy Now
219643 HVH-30-63-30 -R,30KW,600V Buy Now
219651 HVH-35-23-30 -R,35KW,240/ Buy Now
219660 HVH-35-43-30 -R,35KW,480V Buy Now
219678 HVH-35-63-30 -R,35KW,600V Buy Now
219686 HVH-40-23-30 -R,40KW,240/ Buy Now
219694 HVH-40-43-30 -R,40KW,480V Buy Now
219707 HVH-40-63-30 -R,40KW,600V Buy Now
219715 HVH-45-23-30 -R,45KW,240/ Buy Now
219723 HVH-45-43-30 -R,45KW,480V Buy Now
219731 HVH-45-63-30 -R,45KW,600V Buy Now
219740 HVH-50-23-30 -R,50KW,240/ Buy Now
219758 HVH-50-43-30 -R,50KW,480V Buy Now
219766 HVH-50-63-30 -R,50KW,600V Buy Now
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