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Des ensembles d’éléments chauffants électriques préchauffent les moules de coulée d’aluminium

Le défi
Pour éviter le choc thermique de l’aluminium en fusion, les moules de coulée doivent être préchauffés.

The Solution
Specially constructed assemblies of Chromalox Electric Tubular Elements are attached to vertical supports welded to a 1/4-inch steel cover plate. A hook welded to the plate permits easy transport by crane for lowering and removing the assemblies.

Eight Chromalox Electric Tubular Elements rated at 1075 watts each are used in each assembly. The elements are formed in half circles with right-angle bends at the ends where they enter two opposite vertical boxes and are then led out to a terminal box on the cover.

Total capacity of each assembly is 15 kW and voltage is 575.

A protective screen of expanded metal mounted on an angle-iron framework surrounds the elements.

Because of the variety of weights and sizes of the numerous melting pots, complete flexibility of heating is achieved by manual operation through a three-heat switch.


  • Its portability, which permits easy placement of the heat source.
  • It can be applied without the time-consuming factor of alternate flame methods.
  • It heats the entire pot uniformly.
  • It's safer to handle.
  • It's always ready to use when needed.