La chaleur par rayonnement empêche l’infestation des aliments

Le défi
L’infestation par les insectes était un sérieux problème dans une usine de production d’aliments pour chiens.  Pour tuer les insectes, l’usine produit la nourriture à une température entre 140 et 150 °F pendant une minute, et une température de 130 à 140 °F doit être maintenue sur la nourriture pendant 20 minutes.

The Solution
Ten Chromalox RADD-7604 Electric Radiant Panels are suspended on a movable frame above a vibrating conveyor 10 feet long and 48 inches wide, down which the dog food flows under intense radiation. In the event of a conveyor stoppage the radiant panels are lifted vertically a distance of 18 inches to prevent burning of the product. Installed wattage is 108 kW and the capacity of the operation is 10,000 lbs. per hour.

When the food spills off the bottom end of the vibrating conveyor after an exposure time of 50 seconds, it has reached a temperature of approximately 160 ° F and at this temperature falls into a holding bin where, because of lack of air circulation the temperature remains at 140 ° F for 20 minutes before the food enters the packaging conveyor system.

The operation shows an overall economy of .0135 kWH per pound of food, or a radiant energy power cost of 27 cents per ton with electric power at 1¢ per kWH.

*Process has been patented by Best Feeds & Farm Supplies, Inc. 


  • Its operation is entirely automatic-requires only one attendant who has nothing to do but observe and raise the panels in the event that the conveyor stops.
  • Its radiation is uniform - all food particles are subjected to the same radiation.
  • In addition to killing parasites found in grain products, it toasts the food lightly - a feature that dogs seem to like.
  • It's a flexible heat source - panels are raised from their normal position of 2" above the conveyor so that free access can be had to the conveyor for thorough cleaning.
  • The long, maintenance-free life of the metal-sheath heater elements with which the Radiant Panels are powered.
  • The electric oven represents a much lower investment than any other. Each heating panel, in fact, is an oven section in itself with built-in elements, reflector, insulation and mounting frame, as well as bus duct for easy connecting of adjacent panels - all of which allow economical oven assembly.