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Offshore Drilling

Chromalox manufactures precision electric heat and control systems for offshore oil drilling/production platforms.

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Thaw Heaters
Immersion heaters aid in the vaporization of liquid natural gas (LNG) during transportation and distribution.

Piping Distribution
Self-regulating and constant-wattage heat trace cables are used for pipe temperature maintenance and freeze protection.

Personnel Comfort Heating
Blower, convection, and radiant heaters provide comfortable temperatures for living and work quarters and hazardous area locations.

Gas/Oil/Water Separation
Heat from circulation heaters helps separate natural gas, crude oil, and water during extraction from the well.

Knock-Out Drum Heaters
Immersion heaters heat incoming process streams to remove water contamination.

Immersion Heaters
Chromalox immersion heaters apply heat directly at virtually 100 percent efficiency. Basic piping options include threaded, flanged, or welded. Various temperature control options permit very tight process temperature control. Chromalox manufactures a large selection of designs for heating any fluid, from plain water to corrosive solutions, highly viscous oils, and for many specialized applications such as high-pressure and hazardous locations.

Sump Pump/Drain Collection
Immersion heaters are used to warm various sludge collections prior to pumping.

Tank Heating
Large-tank heaters with replaceable elements ensure proper temperatures for any liquid storage.

Steam Piping Network
Mineral-insulated heat trace cable is used for high-temperature steam piping.

Waxy Crude Heaters
Circulation heaters warm the crude oil to improve viscosities for more efficient pumping and distribution.

Hazardous Area/Construction Area Heating
Blower heaters can provide comfort heat in hazardous areas, while air handlers aid in paint curing and comfort heat in construction areas.

Process and Heating Control
Panels, controllers, and sensors direct heater control based on real-time operating conditions.

Humidity/Storage Control
Convection heaters are used to lower humidity in storage areas such as battery compartments or food storage.

Chromalox® Water Calorifiers
Used to heat water prior to distribution on the platform areas.

Triethylene Glycol
Immersion heaters reconcentrate the glycol mixer by boiling off water mixtures.

Fuel Gas Conditioning, Filtration, and Dew Point Heaters
Electric in-line circulation heaters preheat and dry out supply gas streams to prevent corrosive condensation from damaging expensive turbine blades.

Lube Oil Heaters
Immersion heaters maintain lube oil viscosity for compressor and hydraulic equipment, and feature replaceable element design.

Crude Oil Heating
Electric in-line heaters heat crude oil prior to the first-stage compresssor for better viscosity and separation

Service and Maintenance
Regular service visits ensure optimal operating conditions and help predict needed replacements.

Standby Generator
Circulation heaters are used to warm coolant for standby emergency generators for rapid start-ups.

Industries We Serve