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Chromalox understands the unique challenges that oil and gas facility plant builders, managers, and maintenance personnel face. We have the knowledge, experience base, local support, and technical skills to meet those challenges with you.

Enhanced Oil Recovery
Hydraulic Fracturing
Downhole Heating & Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage

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Enhanced Oil Recovery Application Map

Potable Water Piping
Heat tracing is used in cold weather climates to maintain the temperature of heated water pipelines and protect cold water pipelines from freezing.

Potable Water Tanks
Electric heaters are used to heat potable water for on-site utilities such as drinking, shower, and wash-down systems.

On-Site Offices & Living Quarters
Blower, convection, and radiant heaters provide comfortable temperatures for work and living quarters.

Carbon Dioxide Treating
Circulation heaters pre-heat carbon dioxide gas prior to injection for efficient extraction operation.

Separation Tank Heating
Using immersion heaters, temperature stratification helps to separate mix fluids, such as water, mud, and chemicals.

Service and Maintenance
Regular service visits ensure optimal operating conditions and help predict needed replacements.

Hydraulic Fracturing Application Map

Tank Heating
Large-tank heaters with replaceable elements guard against fluids freezing in cold climates.

Frac Tank Manifolds
Circulation heaters warm fluids being pumped through cold manifolds to avoid freezing.

Knock-Out Tanks
“Heater treater” tanks use replaceable-element-design heaters to separate gas and liquid mixtures.

Condensation Tanks
Electric immersion heaters help maintain temperatures to prevent condensation from forming in natural gas removed from the well.

Gas Transmission
Fuel gas conditioning, filter/separator, slug catchers, storage tanks, regulator skids—all use electric heat during transmission.

Downhole Heating & Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Application Map

Drilling Mud Piping Distribution
Self-regulating and constant-wattage heat trace cables are used for pipe temperature maintenance and freeze protection.

Drilling Mud Storage Tanks
Heaters are used to maintain or improve the viscosity or density of recirculating fluids for improved drilling efficiencies.

Waxy Crude Heaters
Circulation heaters warm the crude oil to improve viscosities for more efficient pumping and distribution.

Downhole Heating
Submersible electric heaters warm viscous oils for easy extraction from the well.

Comfort Heating
Blower, convection, and radiant heaters provide comfortable temperatures inside operation buildings.

Steam Piping Network
Mineral-insulated heat trace cable is used for temperature maintenance in high-temperature steam piping.

Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage
Precision control of the steam quality used in horizontal wells can be accomplished with circulation heaters and SCR power control during extraction of heavy crude oil and bitumen.

Oil Transmission
Skin-effect pipe heating—above- or below-ground—keeps oil warm for long distance transmission.

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