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Chromalox Understands Every Facet of the Process

From process air heaters for inlet housings to flanged immersion heaters for exhaust stacks and sulfur reduction. From circulation heaters for superheating to self-regulating cable and controls for freeze protection. Explosion-resistant comfort heaters that keep process equipment warm for quick starts on peaker plants and keep equipment free from moisture and freeze-ups. Our expertise, combined with the most stringent material and manufacturing standards you’ll find in the industry, provides you with an array of products you can count on to perform at each critical process phase.

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General-Purpose Convection Heaters

Chromalox general purpose convection and blower-type units are ideal for heating enclosed spaces such as wash water skids. They provide freeze protection and faster cold starts. Their Fintube® heating system consists of corrosion-resistant steel furnace-brazed to the tubular heating element to assure long life and superior heat transfer. Casing is a heavy-gauge steel with adjustable louvers.

Air Duct Heaters

Chromalox designs process air duct heaters specifically for the power generation industry. For instance, our designs optimize the heating of air fed into combustion and prevent condensation. Durable INCOLOY® sheath elements provide for outlet temperatures of up to 1,200°F.

Heat Trace Cable and Controls

Chromalox heat trace cable and controls can save energy and reduce maintenance as well as the risk of overtemperature in places like water injection and cooling modules. They provide reliable process temperature stability and freeze protection for pipes, valves, and tanks.

Self-Regulating Heat Trace Cable

Provides reliability, is energy efficient, and permits single-layer overlapping to reduce risks of burnout. No.16 AWG buss wires allow for long circuit lengths. Optional braiding provides groundpath while overcoat provides water resistance.

Constant Wattage Cable

Provides constant heat output to 350°F. Rugged construction can withstand steam cleaning while de-energized. Optional tinned-copper braid permits use in some hazardous areas. Fluoropolymer jackets are available for corrosive applications. Can be cut to maximum circuit length.

Mineral Insulated Cable

Ideal for the most rugged pipe tracing applications to 1,200°F. INCOLOY® or copper sheath materials resist damage, are fire resistant, and provide for a good electrical ground. Custom configurations are available with single- or dual-conductor cable.

IntelliTRACETM Controls

A complete control solution for heat trace applications with a modular design for selection of only the features needed for specific heat trace installations, minimizing the purchase price and simplifying system configuration. Single-channel system using microprocessor-based control comes completely pre-wired and assembled. Easily programmed standard features further simplify installation, start-up, and use. All IntelliTRACE systems are designed for universal inputs. Each unit comes in a NEMA 4X glass fiber reinforced enclosure that includes a solid-state relay (30A at 40°C), mounted on a heatsink, and with a current transformer to measure operating current. Optional GFI modules have a shutdown contactor and illuminated reset switch. A terminal block is used for field connections on all units.

Custom Power Control Panels

Panels are engineered with solid-state controls built to the most rigid standards and sized for virtually any application or specification. Select from many NEMA-type enclosures, single- or three-phase load requirements, voltages, transformers, fusing, contactors, firing cards, and more. We can design the power control panel best-suited for your specific application.

Fuel Oil Heaters

Chromalox in-line fuel oil heaters coupled with Chromalox controls are designed to save you substantial energy costs in areas such as liquid fuel forwarding by providing precise heating and tight temperature control for higher fuel burn efficiencies. In-line heaters heat only the amount of material that is to be pumped from storage, so the entire amount does not need heating. Electric heat provides 100 percent efficiency because all heat produced goes into your process. Their weather-proof construction makes them ideal for outdoor installation. Enclosures are moisture- and explosion-resistant.

Flanged Immersion Heaters

The stainless steel sheath elements and thermowells in our flanged immersion heaters are ideal for process water applications such as water wash. A wide variety of ANSI and customized flanges are available, as are element lengths to 240 inches and ratings up to 500 kW. We can also rebuild large flanged heaters to reduce costs.

Hazardous Duty Convection and Blower-Type Heaters

Ruggedly designed for use in areas in which the possibility of explosion or fire exists, Chromalox hazardous duty convection and blower-type heaters provide safe heating in places like turbine and vent fan enclosures, exhaust stacks, and accessory modules. UL listed, CSA and MSHA certified models are available for wall or ceiling mounting. Ratings range from 1.8 to 39 kW.

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