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Heaters and controls designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard specifications

Chromalox provides high-quality equipment designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of U.S. Navy and Coast Guard specifications. But that's just one reason to choose Chromalox. Chromalox can custom design, engineer, and manufacture innovative products to meet unique application needs. Our innovative spirit can be seen in the non-magnetic-design circulation heaters installed on MCM Avenger Class Minesweepers, and steam boilers small enough to pass through ship hatches for installation and removal.

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Duct Heaters

Chromalox electric duct heaters are available in a variety of sizes for preheating intake air on surface ships and reheating air in individual room compartment on board ships and submarines. They are a compact, safe, and lightweight heat source that does not leak on cargo or crew, or present after-damage problems that can occur with steam equipment.

Convection Heaters

Our Type CE electric convection heaters are rugged, reliable, and designed for easy installation in hard-use area. Easily bulkhead mounted, these 21-inch-high heaters are ideal for shower rooms, toilets, or any place where a small, highly moisture-resistant heater is required.

Blower Heaters

Versatility is the best description for Chromalox RSFM blower heaters used in living quarters. They can be surface or recess mounted. They can be concealed completely where duct connectors are desired, such as under or over windows for defrosting. They can be mounted vertically in a wall, horizontally in a ceiling, or at any angle from vertical to horizontal in the same plane.

Circulation and Immersion Heaters

Chromalox electric circulation and immersion heaters can be found in a variety of lubrication and fuel oil applications on submarines and surface vessels alike. A particularly unusual application is a non-magnetic-design circulation heater used as lubrication oil preheaters on MCM Avenger Class Minesweepers.

Steam Boilers

Electric steam boilers are an efficient means of providing steam aboard ship for galley and laundry use. Some designs are small enough to pass through hatches for installation and removal.

Industries We Serve