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Wastewater Treatment

Essential freeze protection for an essential service

Wastewater treatment plant operators are under considerable pressure to keep their plants operating without interruption. Process interruptions can lead to overflows and unintended discharges into streams, rivers, and lakes that can be harmful to the environment and violate state D.E.R. and U.S. E.P.A. regulations. In cold-weather climates where temperatures drop below freezing, Chromalox heat trace cable and controls, tank heaters, flanged and screw plug immersion heaters, portable and blower, convection, and forced-air heaters are used to prevent wastewater treatment equipment and the wastewater itself from freezing, which can cause plant shutdowns.

The task of freeze protection in a wastewater treatment plant is compounded by the presence of potentially flammable or explosive gases, vapors, powdered metals, or dusts. Chromalox offers a complete line of hazardous-duty heaters than are UL-listed and include GSA- and MSHA-certified models that meet a variety of National Electric Code hazardous applications classifications. Plus Chromalox maintains an inventory of nearly one million items and operates the fastest delivery systems in the business for quick parts replacement and minimal downtime.

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Specific applications include:

    Flanged and screw plug immersion heaters for chlorine injection systems

    Heat tracing and controls for freeze protection of valves, pipes, tanks, and instrumentation lines

    General-purpose comfort heaters for:

    • Instrumentation and control rooms
    • Laboratory and computer rooms
    • Locker rooms and restrooms

    Heavy-duty heaters for:

    • Pump and blower rooms
    • Filter rooms and dewatering areas
    • Pipe galleries and machine rooms
    • Repair shops

    Hazardous-duty heaters for:

    • Grit removal and screening areas
    • Digester gas control rooms
    • Sludge gas compressor rooms
    • Chlorine and sulphur dioxide rooms
    • Enclosed primary sedimentation tanks
    • Scum concentration tanks

    Portable heaters for:

    • Temporary, localized heat on shipping docks
    • Heating isolated areas
    • Isolated zones within a larger, cooler area

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