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Medical Equipment

When accuracy, and reliability are critical to patient care, choose Chromalox heaters and controls.

The very nature of medical equipment demands accuracy and reliability. Medical equipment typically has stringent technical requirements for electric heating elements and sensors, ranging from precise dimensional and resistance tolerances to low current leakage and high insulation resistance readings. Chromalox understands these industry requirements, employing specific design criteria and manufacturing procedures to ensure that we meet your product specification. Our world-class manufacturing facilities utilize state-of-the-art production equipment and procedures to achieve outstanding product quality and value. All of our products follow rigorous in-process inspections and 100% final inspection, in accordance with the quality assurance parameters dictated by the end-use application needs.

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Silicone Laminate/Flexible Heating Elements

Versatile Chromalox silicone laminate/flexible heating elements find use in a variety of medical equipment applications—from blood warmers, fluid warmers, and therapeutic fluid hypothermia units to patient warming pads and blankets, to blanket warmers, to syringe heaters, sterilization holding trays, and lotion warmers—requiring low to medium temperatures. Rugged construction of lightweight material provides chemical and moisture resistance. A variety of electrical, shape, and contour fittings meets a broad range of specifications.

Immersion Heaters

The stainless steel sheath elements and thermowells in our flanged and screw plug immersion heaters are ideal for heating water in hydrotherapy,ultrasonic cleaner, labware washers, and autoclaves. A wide variety of ANSI and customized flanges and element lengths is available. A patented 360° rotatable housing is available on most models of our screw plug models to facilitate easy conduit connections.

Circulation Heaters

Chromalox circulation heaters afford high-energy efficiency, fast heating, and uniform heat distribution for applications such as therapeutic fluid hypothermia units and hydrotherapy equipment. They provide high turndown capability, tight outlet temperature control, and variable flow rates. A variety of electrical terminal enclosures is available to meet the requirements of your application.

Finned Tubular Heating Elements

Chromalox Fintube® heating elements ideal for heating air in applications like radiant or convective patient warmers because the fins greatly increase surface area for faster heat transfer. They are superior to open coil elements because the heating coil is completely encased in a metal sheath, minimizing shock hazard and hot spots. They can be bent to provide higher concentrations of installed kilowatts for a given area.

Tubular Heating Elements

These elements are versatile and transfer heat exceptionally well by convection or radiant heat for patient warming, and by heat conduction in ultrasonic heaters, labware washers, dialysis machines, hematology analyzers, blood warmers, and temperature therapy units. Round, triangular, flat press, and formed bends are made to customer requirements. Many sheath materials are available as well as more than 20 terminations and many stocked accessories.

Cartridge Heaters

Blood warmers, ultrasonic cleaners,temperature therapy, and therapeutic fluid hypothermia units are among the medical equipment applications where these long-life, high-efficiency performance heaters can be found. Their patented construction results in maximum heat transfer at reduced power consumption for economical performance.

Custom and Standard Controls

From basic, low-cost temperature and process controllers, to monitors and overtemperature controls, to more sophisticated control systems, Chromalox has the controls you need for use in a variety of medical equipment. Choose from our line of standard components, or let Chromalox custom-design the right control solution for your application’s needs. We are the only heating element supplier offering a complete line of controls, control panels, and accessories.

Industries We Serve