Date Title
12/3/2014 Chromalox  to  Unveil  New  Brand  Positioning  at  POWER-­-GEN  International  Show
10/29/2014 Chromalox unveils compact 1/16 DIN profiling controller with advanced functionality
10/2/2014 Chromalox extends heat transfer product line with enhanced features and available kilowatt options
9/9/2014 Chromalox extends its explosion-proof electric blower heater line
8/21/2014 Chromalox Introduces Supervisory Control Software for Heat Trace Control Panels
7/24/2014 Chromalox gains DNV GL certification for self-regulating heat trace cables
7/14/2014 Chromalox Opens New Sales Office in Singapore
7/8/2014 Chromalox publishes white paper on cost savings associated with medium voltage electric heating systems
6/9/2014 Chromalox introduces DirectConnect™ as part of its Extended Voltage Technology Platform
5/28/2014 Chromalox Announces New Prefabricated Heat Trace Bundles: Pre-Insulated, Steam- and Electric-Traced Process Tubing
2/4/2014 Chromalox Announces Explosion-Proof Certification and Design Patent for Tank Flanged Immersion Heaters
12/6/2013 Chromalox Unveils Heat Trace Control Panels for Hazardous Class 1 Division 2 Locations
7/15/2013 Chromalox Introduces Series Long Line Heat Trace Cable - for long line piping applications
5/29/2013 Chromalox Introduces New Digital Heat Trace Controller - Model ITC with one or two circuits for hazardous or non-hazardous locations
3/6/2013 Chromalox Releases ChromaTrace 3.0 Heat Trace Project Design Software
2/21/2013 Chromalox Introduces New Line of DIN Temperature and Process Controllers
11/14/2012 Chromalox Introduces a Mid-Size Water/Glycol System In a Compact Design
10/19/2012 Chromalox Facility in France Awarded ASME U and R Stamps for Immersion and Circulation Heaters
9/27/2012 Chromalox Publishes New White Paper: Tank Heaters With Replaceable Elements Reduce Costly Downtime
4/11/2012 Chromalox Introduces New Line of Polyimide (Kapton®) Flexible Heaters
3/7/2012 Chromalox Introduces Small Tank Heater with Replaceable Element Design
2/29/2012 Chromalox Awarded ASME Section III “N” and “NPT” Accreditation
2/14/2012 Chromalox Opens New Sales Office in Germany
9/28/2011 Chromalox Expands Horizontal and Vertical Discharge Blower Heater Offering with 20kW to 50kW Options
8/30/2011 Chromalox Heating Cable Products Receive Safety Certification in India
5/24/2011 Chromalox Introduces New XPMC Explosion-Proof Enclosure Heater
5/8/2011 Chromalox Opens New Sales Office in Thailand
4/14/2011 Chromalox Launches Mid-Size Hot Oil Heat Transfer System
4/5/2011 Chromalox Announces Updated Line of Multiloop Heat Tracing Controls
2/15/2011 Chromalox Launches New Skin-Effect Heating System Designed for Long Pipe Runs of Up to 15 Miles
10/15/2010 Chromalox Announces New Digital Thermostat for Heat Trace System Control
10/8/2010 Chromalox Announces New Deep Draw Cartridge Heater
9/25/2010 Chromalox Announces New Self-Regulating Cable for the Process Industry
5/1/2010 Chromalox Opens New Sales Office in India
3/22/2010 Chromalox Mineral Insulated Heating Cable Achieves Major Industry Certifications
3/5/2010 Chromalox Announces Price Increase Effective March 5, 2010.
12/8/2009 Chromalox Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification for All Production Facilities
12/8/2009 Chromalox Receives People’s Republic of China Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture License
7/12/2009 Webinar Series - Optimizing Process Efficiencies
5/11/2009 Chromalox Achieves ASME Certification for Mexico Facility
2/9/2009 Chromalox Achieves ATEX Certification for Mexico Facilities
2/8/2009 Chromalox “Super Heater” Meets Unprecedented Demands for Power and Durability
1/19/2009 Chromalox Announces 2009 Pricing
1/15/2009 Chromalox Announces 2009 Surcharge Policy
1/14/2009 Chromalox Announces Closing of Edinboro, PA Facility
11/5/2008 Chromalox Introduces Global Design for ANSI Flange and Circulation Heaters
10/22/2008 Chromalox Introduces ThermEx - A Patent-Pending Heat Remediation Solution
8/26/2008 Chromalox Introduces Etirex Brand in Canada
8/5/2008 Chromalox Achieves ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Mexico Plant
7/17/2008 Chromalox Achieves ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Utah Plant
7/1/2008 Chromalox Opens New Manufacturing Facility Near Nashville, TN
6/20/2008 Chromalox Web Site Receives Interactive Media Award
6/11/2008 Chromalox Opens New Sales Office in UK
2/15/2008 Chromalox Unveils New Web Site
9/25/2007 Chromalox Introduces New Impedance Heating System
5/30/2007 Chromalox Introduces Model LTFX for Large Tank Heating Needs
6/30/2006 Chromalox Introduces New Screw Plug Terminal Enclosure Suitable for Harsh Environments
5/3/2006 New Manufacturing Trends Survey Results
4/19/2006 Chromalox Now Offers PED Third-Party Approvals For Immersion and Circulation Heaters
4/5/2006 Chromalox Develops Moisture Resistant Tubular Element Seals with Higher-Temperature Limits
3/20/2006 Chromalox Introduces New Paperless Electronic Chart Recorder
1/10/2006 Chromalox Introduces CaGuard™ -- A New Scale Detection Sensor for Original Equipment Manufacturers
11/2/2005 Chromalox Introduces New Blower Heater with Horizontal or Vertical Discharge
8/15/2005 Chromalox Plays Crucial Role in Discovery Mission’s Success
8/15/2005 Chromalox & NASA
7/13/2005 Bedbug Remediation White Paper Now Available from Chromalox
5/9/2005 Chromalox Announces New Heat and Control Survey Results
3/24/2005 Chromalox Introduces Advanced Thick Film Heating Capability in Partnership with Ohmcraft, Inc.
3/10/2005 Chromalox Introduces Corrosion Resistant Blower Heater for Harsh Environments
1/10/2005 Chromalox Introduces HACS Packaged Air Temperature Control System
12/8/2004 Chromalox Introduces a Custom Control Design Platform Specifically for OEMs
10/15/2004 Chromalox Introduces IntelliPANEL
8/6/2004 Chromalox Self-Regulating Heating Cables & Accessories Receive ABS Certification
5/25/2004 Chromalox Heating Cable Receives UL Listing for Fire Protection System Piping
1/26/2004 New Chromalox Cold Weather Resource Guide for A&Es on CD
1/25/2004 Introducing New Members of the ETR Temperature Controller "Super Series"
1/15/2004 Chromalox Recieves Patent Award for MaxPac Technology