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Impedance syle heating uses the Joule effect to heat the pipe itself for uniform, indirect heating along the process.

Heat Tracing and Freeze Protection Application

Impedance heating is perfectly suited for pipe maintenance temperatures. Applications include processes that require continuous, steady heat input or freeze protection for a fire water pumping system. Another common application is for corrosive environments where direct immersion heating is not desired.

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Impedance Heating Systems Impedance System

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Impedance Heating Systems

  • Uniform, Indirect Heating
  • Low Voltage Operation in the Process (less than 50V)
  • Watt Densities up to 190 W/in2
  • Distances of up to Several Miles
  • 1kW to Several MW of Power
  • Temperatures to 1800°F
  • Hazardous Area Certifications

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