Light Commercial Cables

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Chromalox self-regulating freeze protection cable is ideal for warming metal and plastic pipes in commercial construction, institutional buildings, and some industrial freeze protection applications. Its self regulating polymer core varies output along its entire length, saving energy and eliminating hotspots along pipes. It can be cut to length in the field and single-overlapped without overheating the cable. Cable can be used in non-hazardous areas only.


Light Commercial Cables / Thermwire Pipe Freeze Protection Cable

Thermwire Pipe Freeze Protection Cable

Chromalox Thermwire-Wrap can be applied to anywhere pipes are subjected to below-freezing temperatures. The Pre-assembled Thermwire-Wrap has an attached cord and plug for simple and quick installation.

Light Commercial Cables / Thermwire Roof & Gutter De-Icing Cable

Thermwire Roof & Gutter De-Icing Cable

Thermwire-Melt prevents costly structural damage to roofs, gutters and downspouts caused by ice and snow. Apply anywhere melting snow and ice can penetrate roof surface and re-freeze, lifting shingles, pulling gutters away, and breaking gutters and downspouts.

Light Commercial Cables / Compressor Pre-heating Cable

Compressor Pre-heating Cable

Thermwire-Comp heaters are used to prevent migration of refridgerant into crankhouse oil when compressors are operated in cold temperatures. Use of these heaters can prevent excessive wear and loss of refrigerant efficiency.

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