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Process air heaters, in stock and custom designed, are employed in heating air or other gases in ducts, autoclaves, or ovens for many industrial heat applications. Sheathed tubular, finned tubular, and finned strip elements consistently outperform gas, oil, and open coil electric units in both heating efficiency and safety. Elements are available separately for use in OEM equipment. Special materials and custom designs are available for marine applications, power plants, or hazardous applications. Process radiant heaters include a large selection of elements, fixtures, and panels for the best solution where heated process air or direct contact is impossible, impractical, or undesirable. Drying, curing, preheating, shrinking, and thermoforming are frequent applications. Chromalox sensors and controls are available to provide single-source heating systems suited to your commercial heating application.


Process Air Heaters / Finned Heaters

Finned Heaters

Finstrip® elements are superior to open coil elements since the heating coil is completely encased in a metal sheath, minimizing a shock hazard due to accidental contact with the heater.

Process Air Heaters / Duct Heaters

Duct Heaters

Chromalox designs process air duct heaters specifically for the power generation industry. For instance, our designs optimize the heating of air fed into combustion and prevent condensation.

Process Air Heaters / Forced Air Heaters

Forced Air Heaters

The forced air heater forces air over very long distances and is usually the choice for heating larger areas.

Process Air Heaters / Process Radiant Heaters

Process Radiant Heaters

The metal-sheath type heater is easily installed and may be operated in any position. The units may be mounted to form banks, tunnels or oven sections.

Process Air Heaters / Radiant Heaters - Quartz

Radiant Heaters - Quartz

Quartz heaters can be used with many different appilcations, including textiles and non-woven fabrics, plastics, paper and paperboard, and metals. Higher operating temperatures than metal sheath elements permit faster work speeds in some applications.

Process Air Heaters / Radiant Heaters - Wide Area

Radiant Heaters - Wide Area

Wide area radiant heaters can be mounted to radiate in any direction and can reliably operate, with no reduction in radiant output over the life of the heater. The lightweight building block approach allows for a modular installation which is easily expandable.

Process Air Heaters / Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic Heaters are used for a number of different applications, including thermoforming, water evaporation, enameling, and powder coat curing.

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