ISC - IntelliTrace Supervisory Control

ISC - IntelliTrace Supervisory Control
  • Software Program or Industrial PC
  • Ordinary or Hazardous areas
  • Visual Alarm Status Hierarchy Tree
  • Monitoring From 5 System Levels
  • Customizable System Identification
  • Intuitive Windows Based System Screens
  • Global Application of Parameter Settings
  • Efficient Navigation to all Circuits
  • Local and Remote Alarm Indication
  • Standard ModBus TCP/ Ethernet or ModBus RTU/RS485 Communications
  • Full Alarm & Monitoring Capabilities on GFEP, Temperature, Sensor, Current Load & Communications
  • Email Notification of Alarm Events
  • Multiple Level Security Password Protection
  • Individual Circuit Enable/Disable Capability
  • Facilitates All intelliTRACE Control Panel Functionality

The ISC - intelliTRACE Supervisory Control is designed to monitor and manage multiple Chromalox intelliTRACE Control Panels. Each “Panel” must be either a Chromalox IntelliTRACE Base Panel or a Base Panel with a single Extension Panel. This includes the ITAS, ITLS, ITASC1D2 and ITLSC1D2 heat trace control panel models.

ISC provides efficient and secure remote monitoring and parameter value management of hundreds to thousands of individual heat trace circuits.

ISC is available as a downloadable PC Software program or it may be embedded in an Industrial PC for either ordinary or hazardous areas.

Alarm indication throughout your entire system is visible from 5 separate user-defined levels. From the highest “Corporate” level down to the individual circuit level, ISC provides the user with Monitor and manage multiple heat trace control panels from a central location IntelliTRACE supervisory control provides individual circuit health and complete system-wide alarm status at a single glance. 100% system-wide monitoring and alarm status at all times.

Local system monitoring and management is performed through the touch screen computer which supervises each individual intelliTRACE control panel. System wide remote access is available at any control station on your network. Additionally, the intelliTRACE software package provides the owner with peace of mind with its electronic email of alarm events.

The intelliTRACE supervisory control is extremely efficient to set up and manage. Intuitive Windows based system screens and global application of mass parameter value settings will have your system commissioned in minutes, not hours. Navigation to any intelliTRACE control panel is accomplished via 1 to 3 mouse clicks, while individual circuit detail within each panel is simply one more click away.