Freeze Protection Ambient Sensing Monitor Series

Freeze Protection Ambient Sensing Monitor Series
  • Standard Nema 4 Enclosures
  • Nema 4X Stainless Steel Option
  • WeatherTrace Sentinel Monitoring with Common Alarm and Re-Ring Feature
  • Hand/Off/Auto Selector Switch
  • Up to 40 Amp Single and Double pole 30 mA ground fault thermal magnetic circuit breakers
  • Z-Purge pressurization system options for Class I, Div. 2
  • UL and cUL Third Party Approvals
  • Literature
    FPASM Overview
    FPASM 120V, 208, and 240V Catalog Page
    FPASM 277V Catalog Page

FPASM Series Ambient Sensing Heat Trace Panels are designed for use in industrial Freeze Protection and Snow Melt applications. The Chromalox FPASM series offers the following standard features: NEMA 4 enclosure, Hand/Off/Auto Selector Switch, Load Energized Indicator Lamp, Main Power On Lamp, Main Contactor, and Thermal Magnetic Branch Circuit Breakers with 30mA Ground Fault Equipment Protection. The FPASM WeatherTrace Sentinel continually monitors the supply voltage to each individual heat trace circuit. Loss of voltage or a ground fault condition triggers and automatic alarm condition to an annunciator panel which identifies the faulted zone and a common alarm is activated with the re-ring feature. Options include: NEMA 4X 304 Stainless Steel Enclosures, Main Disconnect Switch, Remote or Local Ambient Temperature Controller, Enclosure Heater, and Type Z Pressurization System. The FPASM series panels have UL and cUL Third Party Approvals.