Decarbonization & electrification

DirectConnect™ Technology

Chromalox DirectConnectTM medium voltage technology is a highly efficient, modular, and scalable solution for decarbonization of process heating, hot water and steam generation systems. Capable of direct electrical supply from 1000V to 7200V, these systems drastically reduce amperage which effectively and significantly cuts the electrical infrastructure needs of your process. 

MV vs LV picture

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Chromalox DirectConnect™ System offers many benefits:

·         Heater Installation costs can be reduced by up to 90%

·         Medium Voltage offers improved heater efficiency.

·         Yearly maintenance can be minimized to a few hours

·         Heating needs are precisely controlled to within one degree


·         99% efficient across all operating cases

·         Capable of 0-100% turndown with MV SCR control

·         Automatic Dryout and Soft Start Capability with Phase Angle Firing

·         Reduces amperage by more than 9 times compared to conventional low voltage systems, effectively reducing multiple circuits of wiring, conduit, fuses, and contactors



·         Zero Emission operation for no contribution towards Scope 1 Emissions

·         Accepts renewable energy from sources like solar PV, wind, and hydro to eliminate Scope 2 emissions

·         Reduce contributions towards facility Title V Air Permit



·         Total cost of ownership provides significant savings in installation, maintenance, and emission costs compared to fuel-fired systems

·         Compact solution with no moving parts and reduced infrastructure

·         No permitting requirements for emissions, fuel lines or open flames


         Steam Generation                                                                   District Heating                                                                         Process Heating

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Energy Efficiency

Chromalox Electric Thermal Technologies are capable of decarbonizing your thermal processes through direct replacement of fossil-fuel fired systems while improving operational efficiency by no less than 15% compared to high-efficiency fuel-fired boilers that are operating at peak rating. Most fossil-fuel boilers, however, do not operate at peak efficiency, and in cases of turndown, poor oxygen mixture, poor fuel quality, soot buildup or high excess air, Chromalox electric heaters can achieve efficiency improvements by more than 40% over traditional fired boilers.

Companies across the globe are addressing their carbon impact through aggressive sustainability goals and decarbonization initiatives. Replacement of your fuel fired system is not the only solution to help you meet your goals. Small electrification impacts can create tangible results towards your initiatives.

Chromalox preheaters, steam superheaters, and pipe and tank tracing are all electric solutions to keep your process running at its optimum by mitigating losses and reducing burden on inefficient fossil-fuel fired systems.


            Preheaters/Superheater                                                        Heat Trace Products                                                            Heat Transfer Systems