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Selecting the right heating technology for extreme industrial applications is a critical decision. Vital to many businesses operating in tough weather conditions, thermal engineering plays a key role in maintaining uninterrupted processes and reducing downtime. Though multiple solutions might exist for heating needs, often, only one maximizes benefits and performance. At Chromalox, our carbon-free solutions represent the optimal choice.

A crucial aspect of any selection process is the reliability of the equipment. Ask yourself whether the manufacturer has consistently succeeded in extreme applications and if they go beyond just the basic standards, placing importance on long-term testing. No one has more experience in ensuring the right solution meets the specific environmental tests than us.

With over 100 years of experience in fields like aerospace, oil and gas, and petrochemicals, overcoming the most demanding scenarios, our products have proven invaluable. Now, as the need for sustainable choices becomes a necessity, we are ready to help you find the right way forward for the challenges you face.

Reassuringly Effective & Reliable

When cold weather poses challenges to operating effectively, we offer you a range of innovative and sustainable solutions. Our heating systems, tailored to meet industrial demands, ensure consistent operations even in the harshest climates. Grounded in stringent standards, these seamlessly blend reliability and cutting-edge technology. Beyond functionality, our commitment to a carbon-free future sets them apart from many alternatives. Every solution is designed with an eye on the future, ensuring you don't have to choose between efficiency and our planet's sustainable future. Chromalox thermal solutions have the right option for your situation; industrial, commercial, or residential. Allow us to help you conquer the elements.

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In today's engineering landscape, the demand for equipment capable of withstanding extreme process conditions and environments has surged. Chromalox delivers solutions carefully designed to meet these needs.

Our work with industries like oil and gas, power generation, and heavy industrial sectors sets a new standard for thermal management. In the oil and gas sector, challenges include Arctic drilling, deepwater exploration, and investments in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). The power generation market grapples with higher pressure and temperature cycles, emissions control, and emerging renewable technologies. Meanwhile, the downstream and heavy industrial markets expand into diverse geographic settings, from tropical climates to arctic regions.

Extreme environments pose many challenges - temperature fluctuations ranging from -55°C to +55°C, corrosive chemicals, explosive substances, salt air, and high humidity among them. Extreme processes involve cryogenic temperatures, high operational pressures, corrosive substances, and high flow rates.

Chromalox products address application-specific elements that are essential to prevent material failure and overheating, avoiding costly downtime. Reliability, materials of construction, quality, conformance to industry standards, service offerings, control systems, and design considerations are all part of our solutions.