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Pick and Ship Screwplug Heaters

The P&S Screw Plug heater line has a heating capacity of up to 10kW and covers the most common application watt densities (7.5, 15, 25, & 45 wpsi). Heaters are provided with a 304SST, 2” NPT screw plug for easy installation.

Voltage — 480V 1 or 3 Phase, but can run at lower voltages and de-rated.

Terminal Enclosure — Powder coated, color red, rated NEMA 1 / IP10, UL / cCSAus Certification.

Elements — Heater elements are INCOLOY® 800 for superior corrosion resistance and longevity.

Power Wiring Conduit Location — Four 3/4” Knock outs are located on the sides of the terminal housing to suit installation needs.

Thermowell — An INCOLOY® 800 bundle thermowell is provided for customers requiring additional process temperature input locations. (A separate, remote thermowell and process sensor is always recommended for the best heating results, see our Pick and Ship Sensor Kits).

Third Party — UL / cCSAus.

Wiring — Heaters are field convertible from three phase to single phase, allowing for versatile installation.

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