Commercial Accessories

Commercial Heat Trace 66
Heating Cable Installation Kits and Accessories including straight or tee splices, power connection boxes, and water-resistant endseal terminations.
AT-18 Wrapping Tape
Attachment Tape
Heating cable installation accessories, fiberglass tape, and aluminum tape.
JB-C-100 Connection Kit
Connection Kits
Entry kit used to transition heating cable into a junction box.
Commercial Heat Trace 103
Caution Labels
Heating cable caution labels.
PS-1 016
Metal Pipe Straps
Stainless steel pipe straps used to attach connection kits to pipes. Available for 0.5” to 19.5” pipe sizes.
Stripping Tool 080
Cable Stripping Tool
Tool for stripping the base jacket and the conductive matrix from the cable buss wires. The tool is stocked with 16 awg blades for stripping CPR, CPM, HWM and Thermwire products.
MBOX Power Marshalling Box
Junction/Marshaling Boxes
Heating cable junction and marshalling boxes.
chromalox ssp
MI Cable Accessories
Mineral insulated heating cable accessories that include power connection kit, pipe mounting bracket, stainless steel tie wire and spacer strip.