XtremeDuty™ - Heat Trace

Chromalox XtremeDuty Heat Trace

Whether it's an extreme environment or process condition, Chromalox XtremeDuty technologies will ensure reliable, durable heat and control. Chromalox has spent decades perfecting our XtremeDuty technologies in real world applications.  All of that hard work has culminated in our ability to integrate  XtremeDuty technologies into our Heat Trace Systems  We are confident products featuring our XtremeDuty technologies will meet your need due to our extensive application knowledge and past successes.  To ensure safety and reliability, our XtremeDuty products carry stringent third party-certifications, and pass performance and durability testing through our certified, in-house labs. Tested in the most extreme conditions, XtremeDuty heat trace cables, controls and accessories are proven to operate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with virtually no maintenance required. Chromalox XtremeDuty technologies ensure superior performance of your Heat Trace system in the most demanding corrosive, extreme temperature, or hazardous environments.

SRM Cable
Hazardous Area Heat Trace
Chromalox HSRL and HSRM Self Regulating heater cables provide safe, reliable heat tracing for freeze protection of pipes, valves, tanks and similar applications, and is approved for use in hazardous locations.
Heat Trace Thermostats
Heat Trace Thermostats
Thermostats are used for maintaining proper viscosity and flow in heat trace or freeze protection applications.
Mineral Insulated Cable
Mineral Insulated Heat Trace
Chromalox MI Mineral Insulated Heating Cables are the most rugged heating cable in Chromalox's product line. Constructed of a solid series resistor element embedded in highly compacted mineral insulation, MI cables are built to handle high temperature, high wattage applications.
SRL Cable
Self-Regulating Heat Trace
Chromalox SRL and SRM/E self-regulating heating cable provides safe, reliable heat tracing for freeze protection of pipes, valves, tanks, and similar applications.
SLL Cable
Series Resistance Long Line - Heat Trace
Chromalox long-line heat trace provides safe, reliable process temperature maintenance and freeze protection of pipes, valves, tanks and similar applications with circuit lengths available up to 7,500 ft.
Tube Bundles
Tube Bundles
Pre-traced, Pre-insulated tubing bundles designed to maintain freeze protection, close temperature tolerances, or viscosity control.
Instrument Enclosures
Instrument Enclosures

Chromalox offers six standard enclosure ranges for protecting field-mounted equipment. The range of form factors and installation features, combined with the choice of sizes, allows optimal and cost-effective environmental protection to be configured easily for virtually any instrumentation or control application. 

Heat Trace Panels image 01
Heat Trace Panels
The Chromalox intelliTRACE and weatherTRACE control systems provide temperature control, monitoring, and power management in one package.