Chromalox Provides Warmth and Safety to Oil Rig Workers in the North Sea

ITAS 6-36 HT Panel

The Challenge

Oil rig workers in the frigid, icy conditions of the North Sea are housed in semi-submersible accommodation vessels. These offshore vessels can house 306-780 people and provide offices, meeting rooms, dining facilities, medical services, deck cranes, both lifesaving and firefighting equipment, and much more. They are moored next to the oil rig and are connected by a covered gangway that unfolds like a telescope so workers can walk safely to and from work. These vessels require a full range of heating requirements that include providing warmth, creating safe drinking water and deicing equipment exposed to the elements such as the expandable, covered gangway.

The Solution

Chromalox solutions provided maintenance, modifications and installations to both existing and new infrastructures of accommodating vessels.

Specifically, our ITLS temperature control panels are implemented on critical lines. With the ITLS control panel, overall power usage is optimized through line temperature sensing and rigid Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control. The ITLS also provides temperature and sensor alarms. These alarms enable the user to anticipate process upset and correct issues prior to them becoming a risk to plant or personnel safety. The ITLS control panels also allow for Modbus communication with the vessels’ DCS system.

Other Chromalox solutions included: our freeze protection system to improve the quality of life and safety for the occupants of the accommodation vessel; our deicing systems to enable a safer environment along the gangway that the workers must cross to and from the oil rig; and our water freeze protection system giving workers access to safe drinking water.

Our innovative designs significantly decreased installation costs and reduced the number of required circuits by twenty percent.

Chromalox’s certifications in the following international safety standards were critical to the success of this assignment:

  • International Electrotechnical Commission System for the Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx)
  • Atmosphere Explosive directives of the European Union (ATEX).

The accommodation vessels are built in Singapore.  Due to the prompt shipment capability from the Chromalox Wuijang warehouse, schedules were maintained throughout the project.

The Benefits

  1. Providing a higher quality of life and safety at sea for the workers stationed on the accommodation vessel in the North Sea.
  2. Maintaining project schedules.
  3. Implementing control systems with temperature and sensor alarms.
  4. Decreasing installation, operation and maintenance costs.