Mining and Mineral Processing

Chromalox products for the mining and mineral processing industry.

Chromalox provides advanced thermal technologies for more processes throughout the world than anyone, with the broadest product line and experience unmatched in the industry. We furnish full design and engineering for virtually any electric process heat and control operation. We complete the package with customized services ranging from startup and training, to ongoing maintenance diagnostics, to emergency response—all based on complete knowledge of your components, parts, and systems.

Let Chromalox be your catalyst for putting heat exactly where you need it.

  • We are the only company that can deliver both temperature management solutions and process heating solutions.
  • We have experience with more industrial processes than any other company, both with end markets and applications.
  • We are more vertically integrated than any other company. From component technologies up through site services, there is more Intellectual Property and know-how delivered organically by Chromalox than anyone.
  • Chromalox has the largest team of localized technical sales engineers providing customers with individualized custom heating solutions.

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Chromalox supports the Mining Industry 1. Solvent Extraction / Separation Tanks 2. Acids, Caustic, and Amine Solutions 3. Raffinate, Cyanide, and Copper Sulfide 4. Water Calorifiers 5. Hopper Moisture Mitigation 6. Crankcase / Motors / Standby Generators 7. Moisture Remediation / Freeze Protection 8. Building Roof De-Icing / Snow Melt 9. Washing / Transportation Stations 10. Steam Piping Network 11. Worker On-Site Housing 12. Slurry Mixtures 13. Worker On-Site Housing 14. Moisture Remediation / Freeze Protection 15. Personnel Comfort Heating 16. Shaft Intake Air 17. Hot Gas Generation 18. Rotary Dryer and Jacketed Vessels 19. Fuel Gas Heating 20. Steam Coils 21. Service and Maintenance

1. Solvent Extraction / Separation Tanks

Flange and screwplug style immersion heaters are used to warm process fluid to float precious metal for process separation.


2. Acids, Caustic, and Amine Solutions

Tank heaters and silcone heaters are used to externally heat corrosive solution for freeze protection.

3. Raffinate, Cyanide, and Copper Sulfide

Replaceable element LTFX and STFX tank heaters are used to to maintain proper process temperatures of aqueous solutions.


4. Water Calorifiers

Flanged immersion heaters are used heat potable for onsite utilities such as showers or wash down systems.

5. Hopper Moisture Mitigation

Side heating hopper heaters are used to reduce moisture to ensure free flow of materials.


6. Crankcase / Motors / Standby Generators

Silicone laminate and cartridge heaters warm lubricating oils in engine components and rolling mills for proper operation during startup.

7. Moisture Remediation / Freeze Protection

Panel enclosure heaters prevent moisture collection from cold climate environments in control panels, switchgear, equipment housings, storage sheds, and compressor enclosures.


8. Building Roof De-Icing / Snow Melt

Heat trace prevents accumulation of snow on roofs of housing, warehouses, truck shops, and fabrication shops.

9. Washing / Transportation Stations

Embedded mineral-insulated cable prevents ice formation on cement floors for safe truck travel..


10. Steam Piping Network

MI cable maintains temperature on high temperature steam piping.

11. Worker On-Site Housing

Heat trace and MI cable provides pipeline freeze protection for waste water, potable water, and process piping lines.


12. Slurry Mixtures

Long-line heat tracing and skin-effect heating provides long-line freeze protection to send mixtures to processing plant.

13. Worker On-Site Housing

Blower, convection, and radiant heaters provide comfortable temperatures for living and work quarters.


14. Moisture Remediation / Freeze Protection

Industrial unit and radiant heaters prevent moisture and ice formation on conveyer systems.

15. Personnel Comfort Heating

Comfort and radiant heaters provide personnel warming in open-air like shops, warehouses, and loading ramps.


16. Shaft Intake Air

In-line duct heaters are used to dry out and warm air for circulation throughout the mining complex.

17. Hot Gas Generation

Duct and radiant heaters are used to heat air for drying out of minerals such as apatite, copper concentrate, coal, or other aggregates.


18. Rotary Dryer and Jacketed Vessels

Heat transfer systems drive off moisture from slurry mixtures such as molybdenum and prepare the ore for further processing.

19. Fuel Gas Heating

Circulations heaters provide rapid heat up for start-up on natural gas and liquid fuel-fired power generator turbines..


20. Steam Coils

Electric boilers are used to quickly generate steam for heating coils and auxiliary steam supplies.

21. Service and Maintenance

Regular service visits ensure optimal operating conditions and help predict needed replacements.