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Onshore and offshore, oil and gas exploration has undergone transformative change in recent years. Spurred by visionary thinking and innovative technologies the oil and gas industry is finding and extracting resources more efficiently and responsibly in locations and at depths never before considered.

Chromalox has been there every step of the way, providing innovative advanced thermal technology solutions across the entire oil and gas supply chain. From exploration and production to processing, transportation, storage, and distribution, Chromalox engineering, manufacturing, service, and support have been engaged in applying and controlling heat safely, reliably, and responsibly.

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Downhole Heating & Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage Applications


Drilling Mud Piping Distribution

Self-regulating and constant-wattage heat trace cables are used for pipe temperature maintenance and freeze protection.

Drilling Mud Storage Tanks

Heaters are used to maintain or improve the viscosity or density of recirculating fluids for improved drilling efficiencies.

Waxy Crude Heaters

Circulation heaters warm the crude oil to improve viscosities for more efficient pumping and distribution.

Downhole Heating

Submersible electric heaters warm viscous oils for easy extraction from the well.


Comfort Heating

Blower, convection, and radiant heaters provide comfortable temperatures inside operation buildings.

Steam Piping Network

Mineral-insulated heat trace cable is used for temperature maintenance in high-temperature steam piping.

Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage

Precision control of the steam quality used in horizontal wells can be accomplished with circulation heaters and SCR power control during extraction of heavy crude oil and bitumen.

Oil Transmission

Skin-effect pipe heating, above- or below-ground, keeps oil warm for long distance transmission.