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Onshore and offshore, oil and gas exploration has undergone transformative change in recent years. Spurred by visionary thinking and innovative technologies the oil and gas industry is finding and extracting resources more efficiently and responsibly in locations and at depths never before considered.

Chromalox has been there every step of the way, providing innovative advanced thermal technology solutions across the entire oil and gas supply chain. From exploration and production to processing, transportation, storage, and distribution, Chromalox engineering, manufacturing, service, and support have been engaged in applying and controlling heat safely, reliably, and responsibly.

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Hydraulic Fracturing Applications


Tank Heating

Large-tank heaters with replaceable elements guard against fluids freezing in cold climates.

Frac Tank Manifolds

Circulation heaters warm fluids being pumped through cold manifolds to avoid freezing.

Knock-Out Tanks

“Heater treater” tanks use replaceable-element-design heaters to separate gas and liquid mixtures.


Condensation Tanks

Electric immersion heaters help maintain temperatures to prevent condensation from forming in natural gas removed from the well.

Gas Transmission

Fuel gas conditioning, filter/separator, slug catchers, storage tanks, regulator skids—all use electric heat during transmission.