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Onshore and offshore, oil and gas exploration has undergone transformative change in recent years. Spurred by visionary thinking and innovative technologies the oil and gas industry is finding and extracting resources more efficiently and responsibly in locations and at depths never before considered.

Chromalox has been there every step of the way, providing innovative advanced thermal technology solutions across the entire oil and gas supply chain. From exploration and production to processing, transportation, storage, and distribution, Chromalox engineering, manufacturing, service, and support have been engaged in applying and controlling heat safely, reliably, and responsibly.

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Onshore Drilling

Chromalox understands the unique challenges that oil and gas facility plant builders, managers, and maintenance personnel face. We have the knowledge, experience base, local support, and technical skills to meet those challenges with you.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery Applications


Potable Water Piping

Heat tracing is used in cold weather climates to maintain the temperature of heated water pipelines and protect cold water pipelines from freezing.

Potable Water Tanks

Electric heaters are used to heat potable water for on-site utilities such as drinking, shower, and wash-down systems.

On-Site Offices & Living Quarters

Blower, convection, and radiant heaters provide comfortable temperatures for work and living quarters.


Carbon Dioxide Treating

Circulation heaters pre-heat carbon dioxide gas prior to injection for efficient extraction operation.

Separation Tank Heating

Using immersion heaters, temperature stratification helps to separate mix fluids, such as water, mud, and chemicals.

Service and Maintenance

Regular service visits ensure optimal operating conditions and help predict needed replacements.