Downstream LNG Terminal Applications

Oil and Gas Distribution and Gas Processing

Downstream LNG Terminal Applications

With an over-abundance of natural gas from conventional and unconventional oil/gas plays, LNG companies are treating the incoming natural gas before it is liquified for transport across the globe. LNG import facilities utilize electric heaters as part of the re-vaporization and compression process to inject natural gas into supply pipelines. LNG companies rely on Chromalox’s expertise to design and manufacture efficient, zero emission, and robust electric heaters and power control assemblies for their demanding applications and locations.


Tank Heaters

Flare knockout drum heaters to remove liquid from waste gas streams.

Packaged Skid

Used to treat natural gas for on-site power generation.

Industrial Gas Heater and Control Panels

Air heating to prevent frost build-up from vaporization; gas regeneration heaters for regeneration of absorbent beds.


Used to boil liquid LNGs for pipeline distribution.


Heat Trace and Control Panels

Process maintenance of gases and water

Freeze protection of pipes and valves

Explosion-Proof Air Heaters

Used to keep personnel warm in hazardous locations.

Steam Boilers

Localized steam used for heat exchanger during main boiler shut-downs.