Washdown & Corrosion Resistant Unit Heaters Accessories

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Washdown & Corrosion Resistant Unit Heaters Accessories

Chromalox offers multiple accessories for our washdown and corrosion resistant unit heaters.  They include mounting kits, control thermostats, safety disconnect switches as well as other accessories designed to increase product effectiveness.

WCRT Corrosion Resistant Wall Mounted Industrial Room Thermostat

Shielded sensing bulb is nickel-plated and attached directly to bottom of enclosure where it is shielded from damage and accumulation of insulating particles.

Sealed Noryl case with neoprene gasket to seal out dust and moisture. Knob opening is closed with lubricated “O” ring.

Adjustable Knob setting is accurate to ± 2.5°F with large easily-read numerical dial.

Positive OFF for heating is provided by setting unit to LO position. (At LO Position, heat circuit is open and cool circuit is closed at any temperature.)

HD3D - USB HD3D Swivel Wall & Ceiling Brackets

This reliable, rugged, self-contained HD3D heater is an ideal heat source for freeze protection or comfort heat in dusty/dirty/corrosive non-hazardous environments. Standard HD3D heaters include low profile stainless steel wall/ ceiling mounting brackets that can be used to mount directly to a wall for horizontal airflow perpendicular to the wall. These brackets can also be used to mount the heater directly to the ceiling for vertical airflow.

HD3D - DS HD3D Field Installable Disconnect Kit

The disconnect kit consists of a complete liquid tight assembly, including a 3-pole 48 Amp Switch, power terminal block and all the hardware to mount to the main heater enclosure. Positive action to remove all power from enclosure.

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