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Chromalox Start-up and Commissioning       Call us at: 1-800-443-2493

New equipment start-ups can often delay project timelines. Minimize any chance for costly setbacks by having a Chromalox qualified engineer for on-site start-up and commissioning anywhere in the world.

At the point of start-up and commissioning, your team has much to facilitate. In the hands of Chromalox Certified Technicians, you will save time and know that your product was installed correctly — ensuring proper optimization and increasing overall efficiency.

Our engineers have been comprehensively trained and possess the required process know-how. They are available to commission the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control equipment for any system we have built.

Chromalox technicians will assist with initial equipment start-up and perform a complete review of the installed system to ensure optimized integration into your facility. You can trust Chromalox to get your processes up and running.

Available for the following products: 

 Start-up and Commissioning includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verification that the equipment supplied matches factory documentation.
  • Verification of proper installation and start up. 
  • Confirmation that the heater is suitable for area classification.
  • Observe equipment during start-up for proper operation and customer process (if available).
  • Perform meg-ohm and resistance change on each circuit.
  • Review integrity of conduit connections and/or gland plates. 
  • Check sensor connections, wiring, and terminal type.
  • Review controller programming and settings with site personnel. 
  • Confirm that the supply voltage matches equipment specification.
  • Review operating instructions with site personnel. 
  • Review that the power line sizing is sufficient for amperage.