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Improved System Reliability, Safety and Process Control While Reducing Risks, Operating and Installation Costs

An integrated intelligent network of advanced control technologies that delivers superior system integrity through innovative process heating and temperature management solutions.

  1. Reduces operating costs with advanced continuous condition monitoring.
  2. Lowers risk with proprietary control algorithms and engineered technologies.
  3. Decreases installation costs by minimizing material and labor content.
  4. Enables process optimization with developed control systems.

Improved process integrity and greater cost savings with C2i™ Technology

C2i™ Technology is an integrated intelligent network of advanced control technologies, component products and systems from Chromalox that delivers superior system process integrity through innovative temperature sensing, process heating and temperature management solutions. By utilizing exclusive control algorithms and engineered technologies developed by Chromalox, C2i™ Technology reduces both installation and operation costs while mitigating system risk and supporting process optimization.

Unplanned equipment maintenance and catastrophic failures occur when component health is unknown or not properly managed. C2i™ Technology maintains process integrity by providing predictive intelligence and process protection capabilities. This coverage reduces equipment downtime, permits properly scheduled maintenance and keeps your process running as planned.

To ensure comprehensive coverage and protection, mission-critical equipment must be able to remotely communicate to facility central control centers. C2i™ facilitates operation-wide, real-time system health status via a multitude of industrial fieldbus protocols and developed supervisory control technologies.

C2i™ Technology concisely equates to exceptional system process integrity. It is a result of engineered ingenuity and it incorporates proprietary condition monitoring algorithms and process safety features, delivering continuous predictive analysis monitoring and proactive alerts of potentially emerging system issues.

C2i™ offers all-encompassing coverage as it expertly integrates these control technologies across multiple systems and enables system-wide compatibility through industrial communication protocols.

C2i™ Technology is present throughout the Chromalox product offerings. It is embedded in discrete temperature and power control components, control panel systems, and fully integrated power distribution skid systems and it is available for Chromalox heat trace cable and industrial heaters and systems.

Engineering Ingenuity

C2i overview imageChromalox C2i™ Technology is unmatched in its breadth of innovative temperature sensing, process heating and temperature management solutions. For nearly a century, Chromalox has emphasized superior system reliability by integrating advanced control technologies with our heating systems. These proprietary C2i™ technologies are a result of engineered ingenuity and they provide progressive condition monitoring, process safety, and system-wide integration, which are instrumental components of process integrity.

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring, a major element of predictive maintenance, can provide accurate, real-time health status of process equipment to reduce unexpected equipment downtime and expensive repairs. It serves notice of deteriorating conditions and allows for preventive and corrective actions to be scheduled at the optimal time and before the equipment ultimately fails.

Parameter Diagnostics, an advanced C2i™ control technology, is a powerful condition monitoring feature that should be utilized on all vital process heating equipment. Expected values for common parameters, such as temperature, voltage, current, and power, and their respective rates-of-change, are entered as reference point values during controller programming. These values are continuously monitored during normal operation to identify and report on unacceptable levels or significant changes. Such variations can be indicative of developing equipment problems.

As an example, elevated load or leakage current readings, measured in Amperes (Amps), can be a clear symptom of imminent electric heater issues. In such a case, SCR power controllers equipped with proprietary C2i™algorithms will automatically adjust the output power to a safe level and enable an alarm condition.

C2i™ Technology also provides condition monitoring on non-traditional process variables, such as battery health. Exclusive firmware developed by Chromalox seamlessly integrates wireless temperature sensing into its heat trace control systems. An industry first, this firmware distinguishes between wired and wireless circuits to provides three levels of remaining battery life for each wireless temperature transmitter on the system. As a result, process uptime is maximized and facility owners have the peace of mind knowing that service may be properly planned well before the transmitter battery expires.

Parameter Diagnostics may also be enabled on processes which operate intermittently. The Chromalox-developed Autocycle feature employs a Cyclical Condition Monitoring function that is useful during prolonged scheduled down time periods. When enabled, this proprietary C2i™ firmware technology exercises all heating circuits with a pulsed voltage which facilitates a system-wide functional test. The frequency of the test is user selectable from 1 to 999 hours in one hour increments and is established during controller setup. System faults, such as high or low temperatures and currents, current leakage, sensor and communication failures, and low wireless transmitter battery levels will present themselves accordingly. This allows for maintenance personnel to correct the faults during non-essential operating periods.

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