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The innovative solution that leverages higher voltages to achieve greater thermal precision and efficiency.

From the global leader in advanced thermal technologies.

  1. Decreases installation costs by 30% with fewer connection points and components.
  2. Increases efficiency to 99% by reducing energy losses (l²R).
  3. Reduces infrastructure requirements with condensed product footprint and weight.
  4. Reduce maintenance inspection times by 80%.
  5. Utilizes clean energy with no regulatory compliance issues.

Increase efficiency and decrease costs with PowerV Technology

PowerV Technology is an innovative technology from Chromalox that leverages the benefits of higher power sources to create more effective and powerful heating products. Harnessing the benefits of higher voltage, PowerV provides increased efficiency and cost savings, while providing the benefits of zero emissions.

While electricity’s efficiency and sustainability make it a preferred heat source for many products and applications, installation costs can become burdensome for applications that require large amounts of power. PowerV Technology unlocks electric heating as a solution for high demand applications, enabling end users to enjoy the benefits of electric heating while improving operating costs and lowering installation costs, even for many smaller heating applications.

PowerV brings together material science, proprietary manufacturing processes, and engineering expertise to a variety of Chromalox heating products. It is available for Chromalox heat trace cable, industrial heaters and systems, and temperature and power control products. PowerV is the solution that leverages higher voltages to increase operating efficiency across your infrastructure.

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