Commercial Connection Kits

Chromalox offers a full line of connection kits and accessories, to cover pipe and tank freeze protection, pipe and tank process maintenance, freeze protection of fire sprinkler piping, roof and gutter de-icing, embedded snow melting, frost heave prevention, hot water temperature maintenance and floor warming systems. Installation Kits and Accessories include all of the necessary components for power connection, straight or tee splices, and water-resistant end seal terminations for heat tracing systems. The connection kits and accessories are third party approved for ordinary and hazardous areas and are designed for fast, easy installation and safe, reliable operation.
DL 系列伴热连接套件


DL with Integrated Temperature Controls
The DL Series Single Point On/Off Temperature Controls from Chromalox represent the state of the art in heat tracing and are available in five models to handle a broad range of applications. Models include two ambient sensing thermostats, two line sensing thermostats and a line sensing solid state controller.
EL 系列伴热连接套件


Thermwire 伴热连接套件
Thermwire Wrap 和 Thermwire Melt 电缆的附件、安装套件、端部密封和连接器