Commercial Heat Trace Cables


The Chromalox heat trace cable line includes cables suitable for process maintenance, pipe and vessel freeze protection and roof and gutter de-icing applications.  With this wide variety of heat trace cables available Chromalox can design systems for the most demanding and complex applications while helping reduce costs, increase sustainability, and decrease risk.

Chris Myers, Product Manager of Heat Trace, presents an overview of Chromalox heat trace products.

Commercial Heat Trace Cables
Chromalox’s CPR Cable is designed for multiple application use to include pipe freeze protection, flow maintenance, roof & gutter de-icing, floor warming and freezer frost heave prevention.
Thermwire 伴热电缆

Thermwire 电缆可防止对管道、屋顶、天沟、落水管和 HVAC 压缩机造成严重损坏。  将其用于任何管道或 HVAC 压缩机受冻结温度以下温度影响或任何融雪和融冰可渗透屋顶表面并重新冻结,抬升屋顶板、拉开天沟并破坏天沟和落水管的区域。