Heat Trace Expertize

A southern California refinery experienced uneven heating with the existing heat trace cable on some of its piping systems, resulting in an ammonia smell that caused concern. Temperature control was difficult to achieve, given that maintenance personnel were not easily able to monitor the system temperature.

The Solution

Fast response from the local Chromalox team resulted in an evaluation and new design that replaced the existing heat trace cable with Chromalox SRME-10 Self-Regulating, energy efficient cable to ensure even, reliable heating. Four Chromalox Digital Thermostats mounted along the system allows system engineers to view system temperatures and provide a tighter temperature tolerance to eliminate the ammonia odor. Chromalox assisted with installation and startup.

The Benefits

+ Local office provided fast service and support
+ Problem eliminated through creative design and product application
On-site, hands-on assistance assured a smooth transition and start-up