About Our Decarbonization Solutions

The pressure to provide concrete evidence for progress on sustainability increases every day. The challenge can seem daunting, but with our decarbonization solutions, climbing that mountain will seem achievable. As our energy grids pivot towards renewable generation, alternative fuel technologies become available to help facilitate change. Our expertise is not just theoretical; we have a proven solution in DirectConnect™ that has made significant breakthroughs for industries around the globe.

Electric resistance heating elements, a central part of our offerings, have been in use for over a century, but recent advances have redefined their potential. Our electric steam generation systems are a testament to this evolution. Not only are they extremely efficient, but they also produce zero local emissions. When powered by renewable electricity, these systems offer a truly carbon-neutral solution from generation to application. By partnering with us, businesses can effectively eliminate scope 1 and 2 emissions, paving the way for a more sustainable future. Our commitment is clear: to provide zero-emission process heat solutions which are both sustainable and economically viable.


Achieve your Sustainability Targets

Chromalox is partnering with industrial companies to provide Decarbonization Assessments, a program to support the journey to Net Zero with assessments, reports, and a strategic roadmap to ensure you can meet your sustainability targets.


The eMissionZero model is built on three pillars: decentralize, optimize, and ultimately, decarbonize. By decentralizing we aim to reduce burden and reliance on large-centralized fossil fuel systems by leveraging the scalability and versatility of localized electric heating technology. This reduces carbon impacts while simultaneously improving energy efficiency and process stability. Optimization is achieved through Chromalox's expansive portfolio of Electric Thermal Technologies which can mitigate excessive heat losses, improve process quality and reduce thermal cycling or run times to eliminate unnecessary wasted energy. With the capability to operate at peak efficiency across all operating cases, Chromalox electric heating technology can enhance operational efficiency by over 15% compared to the highest-efficiency fuel-fired boilers. In many cases, we have seen efficiency improvements that can even surpass 40% over traditional boilers. Finally, decarbonization is realized through zero-emission operations, ensuring no contribution to Scope 1 Emissions. Together, these pillars not only address the global urgency for carbon reduction but also offer tangible results towards your own sustainability goals and initiatives.

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Identify alternative solutions to take burden off of your central equipment.

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Enhanced efficiency and performance through advanced electrical solutions.

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Plan for zero-emissions once fully renewable supply becomes widespread.


Chromalox is a pioneer in advancing electric heating technology, bridging the gap between traditional electric and fuel-fired solutions for steam generation and process heating. A prime example is the DirectConnect™ medium voltage electric heating element, which is rated up to 7200VAC. This technology offers a significant edge over conventional electric designs, especially in steam generation applications.

Our medium voltage systems do away with the need for an intermediate transformer, which is typically required to adjust a site's voltage for traditional electric heaters. This not only simplifies the infrastructure but also reduces the system's amperage due to the higher voltage level, leading to decreased wiring, conduit, fusing, and contactor requirements. The result is a more efficient system with fewer components, translating to quicker installations, reduced maintenance, and a lower risk of failure. 

A major bonus of these systems is their outstanding operational efficiency, converting almost all the applied energy into heat, making them a preferred choice for various industrial applications.