Fiberglass Woven Drum Heaters

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Durable Design

Long service life in hostile environments.

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Quick Install

Designed for faster installation to reduce your labor time.

Fiberglass Woven Drum Heaters

IBG Flexible Thermal Drum Insulation Blanket 

Insulating blankets are energy saving blankets that increase heating efficiency and reduce operating costs. Bulk Fiberglas® insulation is covered with silicone glass cloth. Easy installation is provided with Velcro® fastening device. All blankets are moisture resistant, but not waterproof.  Type IBG are stock insulation blankets designed to use in conjunction with Chromalox stock drum heaters. They are designed to only cover the drum heater; providing thermal protection from the back, heated-surface of the drum heater. Full coverage thermal insulation blankets are available as made-to-order items per customer specifications. All stock products are shipped within 24 hours.

PHT & PHDT Heavy Duty Fiberglass Woven Drum Heaters

PHD Heavy-Duty Fiberglas® Woven  Drum Heaters are constructed of Fiberglas® insulated resistance wire woven into a mesh blanket and then encased in layers of silicone rubber. Because of their construction, the Woven Drum Heaters are much stronger and more durable than the standard silicone.  Rubber Drum Heaters and recommended for harsh working environments. All versions use a spring clasp to provide a snug fit around the drums.

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